Angel, Unassigned

Abridged Published by the Stellethee Group

in honor of angel, 1993-2013

Foreward by Steven Stellethee, The Stellethee Group

Angel would have wanted us to write "in memory of" his story in hopes that you would assume his Trace code had been deactivated. Our group chose to write "in honor of" because of his service to the nation and the world.

Angel cared deeply for the those who protected freedom and always regretted walking into his adult life struggling with post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD). He was most likely too strong-headed to make it through any boot camp but we knew he would have tried.

The intelligence community, we suspect, would have enjoyed chatting with him over his two decades of service, but unfortunately he always spoke in cryptic code outside of his team and the few at Stellethee who were required for his strategic vision. This story has been edited in interest of national security but we at the Stellethee Group believe the original intentions are still completely retained.

On his exit, Angel needed us to validate we knew how much he sacrificed to protect those he would have loved had he had a chance to meet them. He pulled his cross out of his back pocket walking out the door, the cross's chain formerly exposed, just like the lanyard you'd see hanging out of a back pocket from a part-time job. He smiled, and looked back, "Jesus struggled much more than any of us will. I walk out completely blanked out but at least I got a 1-up 'bonus' life."

Angel, good luck in your new life. Protect your EIN like you would have protected your social. If you need us, just dial. Just mention you're homefries are smoking hot. When they ask you if that's an emergency. Tell them, oops, wrong number. Whatever you do, do not hang up when they answer. You'll know we're listening if they answer "mish moshkela."

By the way, we still can't fulfill your request to comp you a Viper. You'll have to break a hundred from your retirement.

-S. Stellethee

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